How our care home has adapted to the coronavirus outbreak

The current situation we find ourselves in is highly unprecedented, and everyone has needed to make significant changes to their daily lives. Across UK care homes, more stringent measu...

7 top tips for healthy ageing

Growing older is a natural part of life and one we should all embrace. Our experienced carers share their top tips for how you can stay happy and healthy in older age.

What impact does exercise really have on mental health?

We all know that exercise is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body, no matter how old we are, but did you know physical activity also helps improve mental health? Read on to ...

5 Tips for relieving morning arthritis

For people living with arthritis, waking up in the morning can often mean sore and stiff joints, which makes getting out of bed rather difficult. If this sounds like you, follow these ...

5 Practical ways to help the elderly this Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time for elderly people as they are more likely to suffer from limited mobility and declining health, meaning they may feel left out of the festivities. We...

Potential new drug could help slow Alzheimer’s

A promising new drug that has helped reduce the clinical decline of early signs of Alzheimer’s in trials is waiting to be approved by regulatory bodies.

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